What is an airport transfer?

An airport transfer is a connection by a ground transport service either; From an airport flight arrival to a location away from the airport or; Transport from a location to an airport for the purpose of connecting with a departing flight. Airport Transfers are available in a variety of modes. The two most common modes are “Private” and “Shared” Shared transfers are more structured and Private are more personal. Shared Transfers ; Are shared with other passengers, the inherent benefit of a shared transfer is that the passengers also share the cost of the transfer journey. The shared transfer is generally structured with a timetable and has particular pickup and drop point locations.

The tariff is generally based on a per head basis. Some shared transfers are also known as a shuttle bus or airport bus. The vehicles used by shared transfer operators generally have a larger seating capacity than a normal car or people mover. They are usually mini-bus in size with 11-14 seat capacity or a normal size bus with 22 to 40+ seats. The advantage of a shared transfer is the lower cost to the passenger. The disadvantage is that the shared transfer is structured; • The company has a timetable, little flexibility to make your own time. • Most journeys are to fixed points. Sometimes meaning another transport is required to your final destination. • The journey can take a long time to get to your destination. All of the other passenger’s stops have to be made before yours, unless of course you have just a short trip. Private Transfers ; There are no other passengers in your transfer vehicle. The vehicle and driver are dedicated to picking up one customer booking at a time. This type of transfer is more personal. The cost is mostly per transfer and not per head, sometimes a slight difference according to how many passengers are being transported. The driver will usually monitor incoming flights and adjust the meeting time accordingly.

The outbound transfer time to the airport can also be nominated by the passenger. It’s more like making an appointment! The driver will meet the passenger at the meeting point nominated by the passenger where ever their preference is. The vehicle type size is usually a people mover or sedan. A people mover generally has a 7 passenger seat maximum and is commonly a Toyota Tarago or Hyundai imax. The disadvantage of a private transfer is that the cost is borne totally by the occupants. The comparison on a per head basis can be just as cost effective as a shared transfer if there are several occupants. This point is often overlooked by the price conscious multiple passenger shared transfer customer. The advantage of a private transfer is that it is not structured; • There is no timetable. The customer nominates the booking time for the outbound transfer and provides the arrival flight details to monitor and adjust as required. • The passenger selects their own location for their desired journey.

The journey is direct as it is private and there are no other stops or pickup points. • The transfer time can be considerably shorter for the same reason, as it is a private direct door to door transfer. Some confusion exists as to what the expression “door to door” means. The confusion stems from a blend of the two service modes. There are some shuttle bus services that provide shared transfers that go to every passenger’s desired pickup or drop off location. This can make the transfer time considerably longer than to fixed points. The “door to door” can mean “door to door to door to door” in this case.

The private transfer will generally be one pick up door, to one destination door more like an “Express Transfer”. In summary, two main types of airport transfer services are available at most airports. The shared transfer service revolves around a bus ticketing system, if you miss one bus, then you catch the next one on the timetable. It is not as personal as a private transfer where the driver is waiting for you to arrive at the airport. The private transfer driver would not be there otherwise, because it is pre-booked on an appointment basis according to the customer needs. The cost between the two services can be comparable for multiple passenger transfers. For single passenger transfers the shared transfer is cost effective if time is not an issue.

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Use your own vehicle to do Airport Transfers

Do you have spare time during your day? Do you have a vehicle that might be sitting in your garage? Have you considered using your spare time and your vehicle to do Airport Transfers? Of course nothing is easy and it will take some effort to jump over regulatory hurdles. You will need to have an appropriate and up to date vehicle. Do you know how many passengers are arriving at your local airport? Have you ever noticed the pool of Taxis parked outside waiting for fares? What about rent-a-cars? Ever noticed hundreds upon hundreds of rent-a-cars in the car park ready to go? Well, there are literally thousands of people who transfer to airports and transfer from airports every day.

The ground transport needs at airports is increasing. Why, well it is so cheap to fly these days. The road trip that was once a family option is rarely taken now, the cost of fuel alone makes flying a more affordable option. This is an opportunity for you to capitalise on this niche in the Airport transportation market. Not everyone cares to take a taxi from the airport. Ever been driven around in circles by taxi driver who might know his way but is not letting on! Not everyone can be bothered with rent-a-cars. It is convenient to jump in a car at the door step and drive directly to your destination, if you know the way. But what then, how do you get your car back? Keep it for a couple of weeks! For the convenience, in case you might want to use it again. Ok, what about an airport shuttle? They are waiting at the door too.

Problem is they aren’t going to where I’m going. The one I wanted to get, just left 10 minutes ago and now I have to wait another hour. Even when I get off the shuttle I still have to find my own way to my destination. They are not always door to door. Another option is a private airport transfer. It is “private” because the transport is not shared with other passengers, like a shuttle service. A private transfer has a set price which is fixed and is known in advance unlike an airport taxi which is unknown. The advantage with a private transfer is that you are also met inside the terminal by the driver. Have you considered perhaps using your car to fulfil this niche market opportunity?